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General information regarding CE labeling

The CE conformity designation is an abbreviation of European Communities (from the French “Communaut√©s Europ√©ennes”). The CE symbol demonstrates the compliance of the product with the respective definitive EC Directives and their technical specifications. It is neither a quality mark nor a designation of provenance, it is related exclusively to the significant requirements. A product with a CE symbol has a label which is standardised throughout Europe and is cleared in line with free movement of goods in all EU states. The values stated for the CE label show a representative average of the complete Internorm product range. Please note that the technical values of the windows and doors are dependent on size and version; stated values which deviate from the norm relate to stated values from Internorm testing certificates.

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Requirements for windows and doors


CE marking according to building product guidelines takes place based on harmonised European technical specifications. You will find these labels attached to all Internorm window systems (except fixed glazing units) in the rebate of the product.

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