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As Europe’s leading and largest active international window brand, Internorm looks back on over 80 years of experience in trendsetting window and door solutions of exceptional reliability and longevity.

We can guarantee the following:

10 Years Warranty


5 Years Warranty 


3 Years Warranty 

  • No unnatural colour changes or surface cracks for roller shutter profiles made of UPVC.
  • No unnatural colour changes or cracked surfaces for anodised or powder coated roller shutter and blind profiles made of aluminium.
  • The function of the window or door fittings is guaranteed, provided that the Internorm installation and maintenance guidelines have been adhered to.


30 Years’ Assurance 

Furthermore Internorm guarantees safe-guarding that Internorm products can be
repeatedly serviced by our experts in such a fashion (original parts not  obligatory), to retain their full function for a period of 30 years.
However, this presupposes that the frame construction (frame and sash) is not damaged. The 30-year period starts from the production date. The services required to maintain the functionality, including the materials required, labour etc. will be invoiced according to the currently valid rates.


The full wording of our warranty conditions, the exact preconditions for the application of the warranty, and what you should do in the event of a claim, can all be found in the Internorm Maintenance Care and Warranties Manual. You will receive this booklet when your Internorm products are delivered.

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